As the Coronavirus cases count has surpassed 600 in India and 4,40,000 Globally, We are here with 10 Myths vs Facts about Coronavirus. Share the same as much as possible to spread awareness and do not believe in any Whatsapp forwards or Social media posts, and avoid panic.

We highly recommend Social distancing, Washing handing regularly, Using Sanitisers and Masks, and not to step out of your homes.

Below is the list of Coronavirus Myths and Facts.

1. Cold weather can kill Coronavirus?

– No, Cold or Hot weather cannot kill coronavirus.

2. Hot water bath can stop the spread of Coronavirus?

– No, Bathing will hot water can not kill the coronavirus.

3. Coronavirus can be transmitted through Mosquito bites?

– No, Coronavirus is not spread by Mosquito bytes.

4. Does hand dryer kill Coronavirus?

– No, Hand dryers cannot kill the infection of Covid19.

5. UV disinfection lamps can kill cover?

– No, Ultra-violet disinfectant lamps cannot kill the spread of Covid 19.

6. Chlorine can kill Covid 19?

– No, It’s a myth that chlorine can kill corona virus.

7. Pneumonia medicines or vaccines can kill Coronavirus?

– No medicine has been scientifically proven or approved to kill the coronavirus.

8. Eating Garlic can prevent Coronavirus?

– Although, eating garlic is good to prevent infection, but it does not prevent Coronavirus.

9. Only senior citizens can be infected through coronavirus?

– No, people of all age groups are infected by coronavirus

10. Coronavirus medicine or Coronavirus vaccine?

– Till date, there is no scientifically proven and WHO authorized medicine of vaccine of Coronavirus or Covid 19 disease.

Check out the official website of World Health Organisation (WHO) for authentic news about Coronavirus disease.