India is on the lockdown of 21 days, which means no one can go out of their homes unless it is a medical emergency or to buy medicines, groceries, etc.

What happens if we don’t follow the lockdown?

– Be prepared to face consequences like Italy, China, Spain, etc.

– If we go out of home and come in contact with any person who is infected with Coronavirus disease, then it will infect you too.

Symptoms of Corona Virus disease?

– A person will come to know if he or she is infected with Coronavirus in up to 14 days.

How will Lockdown in India help to stop the spread of Coronavirus?

– Lockdown in India will help in breaking the chain of coronavirus infection.

How many Coronavirus deaths and cases are confirmed Globally?

– Thousands of deaths and over 4,00,000 cases of Covid 19 disease have been confirmed till date.

What to do at Home during Lockdown?

– Spend Family time, spend me time, start yoga, meditation, exercise online courses etc.

Serious advice, suggestion on Coronavirus: Take lockdown seriously, Coronavirus has affected over 4,00,000 people and thousands of deaths Globally.

Stay home stay safe

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